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 Often required to do more with less, small business owners like you are testaments to Chicago’s motto “I Will.”  

Human resources is an ongoing challenge for businesses of all sizes. It is a costly endeavor that is often unaffordable for the small business owner. But this is where we can help. We can offer the necessary resources for the recruitment of new employees. We can also help to identify and secure resources that can provide temporary employees at no cost to you.


Using our resources and expertise, we can assist you in identifying and accessing public resources that can contribute to your bottom line. There is a wide array of public resources that are intended to help small businesses like yours. But the research takes time and as a small business owner, your time is precious, limited and already in high demand. That is where we can help. We are committed to public-private partnerships. We are connected to many of the systems associated with these partnerships and because we are well-versed in the mechanisms of how these partnerships work, we can provide you with cost-free assistance in pursuing the benefits they offer. 

Often needing special expertise that is unaffordable, small business owners like you can benefit from our expertise in business management strategies and systems. In addition we offer customized incumbent employee training. These services are at minimal cost to you.

In summary we offer the following expertise and assistance at minimal to no cost to you:

*New Employee Recruitment *Customized Incumbent Employee Training *Temporary Employees *Financial Subsidies *Business Management Consulting

Contact our office with any questions at (312) 786-0890.

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