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 Is The CABET Group a business?

 No. We are a not-for-profit organization created by businesses in 1972.

How much do I have to pay for these services?

The services we provide are worth a million dollars but they won't cost you a dime! The cost for The CABET Group's services are underwritten by numerous federal, state, and local grants as well as private foundations.

How can The CABET Group offer its services at little to no cost?

  We secure various public and private grants that support our mission, goals and operations. These grants allow us to meet our expenses and provide services to individuals and businesses at no costs or reduced costs.

Is there a service area that The CABET Group caters to or does The CABET Group provide its services to all of Chicago?

The CABET Group has, since its beginnings, focused on developing more links between Chicago’s employment scene and the under-employed segments of the labor force. Therefore, The CABET Group does not focus on any one neighborhood and instead serves all residents in the greater Chicago area.

What is the accessibility for people with disabilities?

We fully embrace diversity as one of our values and with that we ensure that our clients are treated with the respect they deserve. Our building is wheelchair accessible through the use of an elevator. For more information on accessibility and accommodations, you can contact our office at (312) 786-0890.

As an individual seeking employment, how can I sign up with the CABET Group? 

Our recruitment process for individual clients is by referral only. We work closely with government agencies, educational institutions, training organizations, nonprofits and businesses that refer candidates that meet established guidelines.

 As a business or possible collaborative partner wanting to work with The CABET Group, how can i sign up?

  Give us a call and ask for a Senior Project Manager.

What precautions is The CABET Group taking to ensure the safety of their employees and clients?

The CABET Group is committed to ensuring everyone’s safety during these unprecedented times. We respect COVID-19 guidelines as established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and will continue to adapt as guidelines change. See our COVID-19 Statement on this website.

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